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Structural Engineering Home Design Software

Consulting Engineers, Corp. is a highly innovative and technology savvy company with a vision. To provide the best possible structural engineering design to its clients, CEC has invested in development of in-house structural engineering design software FRAMING, the home design software.

FRAMING is a standard windows application for the structural engineering design of various wood framing elements for residential structures. This structural engineering design software includes the analysis and design of several framing elements such as joists, rafters - with or without collar ties, beams columns and also the more commonly used steel I-beam and steel pipe columns and bearing lumber walls. Design and check of adequacy for wood framing elements are done according to the latest updates of NDS for Wood Framing Construction, International Residential Code and other relevant codes. Design of steel pipe column adheres to AISC specifications.

FRAMING the home design software, for various structural engineering elements, is constantly being updated to assure highest quality level of structural engineering designs to our clients.

Single License price: $395

For purchasing software online follow the instructions below:
1. Fill the form with your Name, Email address, Phone number, and click on the 'Download Demo' .
2. Save the installation file on your computer. Double click on the saved file to follow the steps and install the software. When this is finished the software is FREE to use for 15 days.
3. To buy, open the software and choose “Activate the Product” and click “Next”.
4. The next screen with show your Serial Number. Click on the “Buy Now” button.
5. You will be taken to a secure site where you can purchase the software using VeriSign. Follow the steps to the end and click “Get Registration”.
6. You will receive two emails, one is your receipt, and the other is the registration information.
7. Enter the Registration Number in the software and click ‘Activate’.
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