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Structural Engineering Wood Framing - Design Services

For more than 17 years we have been offering our structural engineering design services to builders, concrete contractors, general contractors, architects and home owners. CEC devotes great deal of attention to clients' needs before offering any solution to its clients. Following are the services offered by CEC.

  • New Structural Design
  • Value Engineering
  • Building Components Analysis and Design
  • Building repair and Refurbishment
  • Construction Inspections and Certification

We start by optimizing structural design for individual structural elements like designing roof and roof trusses, shear walls, columns, posts, beams and slabs and then the structural engineering design for the entire building. The building as a whole is designed for wind design and gravity design, also for seismic design if required.

CEC offers complete framing solutions backed by detailed calculations and structural drawings, which are easy to understand and construct. The design solutions are optimized with respect to construction and are delivered to the clients in the least possible time. The high quality and the low turnaround time of these framing solutions result in savings to the client.

To get the actual feel of the quality and the speed of the structural solutions offered by CEC, please contact us at


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