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Precast prestressed reinforced concrete (RCC) structural design

A large number of structures other than the residential are of precast reinforced concrete.We hold expertise in concrete structural engineering design services for concrete home. Our structural engineers have a wide range of experience in precast prestressed reinforced concrete RCC design. The structural concrete design solution is high in quality for all types of concrete structures, be it reinforced concrete construction (RCC), precast concrete, prestressed concrete and post tensioned concrete. Concrete repair solutions are also provided for the concrete homes.

The most prominent services offered by CEC in concrete design are categorized into two groups:

  Cast-in-Place Concrete Precast Concrete  
  Basement Walls Slabs/Beams  
  Footings / Foundations Walls  
  Slab on Grade Columns  
  Retaining Walls Connections  
  Columns Decorative Elements  
  Beams and Lintels Specialty Elements  
  Walls Others  


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